We make beers for our friends, family and people like us. Beers perfect for celebrating great moments in your life and complementing your favourite food.
Modern IPA with product table

0.33 lModern IPA

Exotic and spiky like a cactus

It all started with our Modern IPA, we named it: be your own super hero. We believe everyone has a potential and a right to be successful.
A light, caramel-colored beer with an enticing flavour of exotic fruits, boosted by hops to bring out the bitterness of a true IPA. Best experienced with your favourite food.


  • Spicy Chicken, Burgers or Steak
  • Tacos with chilli lime salsa
  • Cheesecake with raspberry fruit
Coffee Stout with product table

0.33 lCoffee Stout

Thick, creamy, chocolate and coffee

Beer helps old friends bond and to break the ice between strangers. Great food is best enjoyed with creamy espresso in good company.  Our Coffee Stout blends the bitterness of beer and coffee with sweet caramel and cocoa beans, making it a perfect beverage for a brunch or an evening out with friends.


  • Spicy Cheesy Chicken
  • Sunday Brunch Food
  • Chocolate Brownies
West coast IPA with product table

0.33 lWest coast IPA

Citrus and fresh like zephyr

Our Session and Hazy West Coast IPA has light toffee and biscuit notes and an intense, refreshing citrus aroma. A savor created by combining lemongrass, lime zest, grapefruit peel and tropical notes.


  • Crunchy halibut in Mexican taco
  • Marinated, grilled chicken with lime
  • Apple pie

Bohemian Lager with product table

0.33 lBohemian Lager

Honey and floral aroma

Traditional Czech lager, delicately hopped. Balanced and neutral, honey taste and delicate floral aroma enhanced by yeast.


  • Roast chicken or pork
  • Spaghetti Carbonara with Parmesan
  • Hermelín cheese on the Grill