Kraftowe piwo na wspaniałe chwile naszego życia

Nasze piwa produkujemy z czterech wyjątkowych składników w naszym „laboratorium” smaku i aromatu.

Za wszystkim co tworzymy, stoją ludzie i nasza pasja.

Chcemy być pionierami bezemisyjnej rewolucji w kraftowym piwowarnictwie.


Exotic and spiky like cactus
Modern IPA
ABV 5.6% 13 ºP IBU 40
Exotic and spiky like cactus
Modern IPA
ABV 5.6% 13 ºP IBU 40
Thick, creamy, chocolate and coffee
Coffee Stout
ABV 9.0% 16 ºP IBU 65
Citrus and fresh like zephyr
West coast IPA
ABV 3.8% 11 ºP IBU 35
Taste of honey and floral aroma
Bohemian Lager
ABV 4.5%
11.8 ºP
IBU 36
Jęczmień na tle nieba


W naszym piwnym „laboratorium” z czterech składników tworzymy niepowtarzalne połączenia smaków i aromatów.

The unique combination of different ingredients defines our beer’s taste. The magic four: water, barley, hops, yeast emphasise the character of our beers.  The ingredients for all styles of our beers are carefully selected. All ingredients from our partners, we are controlling also by our sensory senses. We believe that our senses are the perfect measuring devices.

Our brewing process is based on traditional steps: mash, boil, cool and ferment. We have an innovative and unique approach when it comes to hopping and balancing flavours and aroma. We continually discover and develop new hoppy beers.


To sedno wszystkiego, co tworzymy i o czym marzymy.

We make beers for our friends, family and people like us. Beers perfect for celebrating great moments in your life and complementing your favourite food.

We believe craft brewing is a lot like scientific laboratory work, all about discovery and improvement.

We strongly believe in brewing with 0 waste
Lauter Tun podczas płukania wodą


Chcemy być pionierami bezemisyjnej rewolucji w kraftowym piwowarnictwie.

We strongly believe that great beer must be brewed with respect of our future and nature. In our brewery, the craft beer revolution doesn’t fight the zero emission rebellion. We want to use less water, less energy and save ingredients. The development of our equipment and processes lets us make great beer with less.

The hops provide balance. The bitterness restrains sweetness from malt and adds complexity of aromas.

Yeast are most important for quality. We care about right amount of yeast. Our fermentation is monitored every 10 min.

The grain bills provides taste fundamentals, colours and sugars that will turn into beer.


Jesteśmy w Nymburku,

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